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A woman dressed in white sang old french songs at the balcony of middle-class quarter of the city then reappeared on the roof of the same building, repeatedly singing a single, sad song, and then moved to a nearby roof terrace, which looks out over the halls of a jewish school.

I came into contact with this street singer, Madame Jannine Jannette, who is very popular in Marseille but considered by the inhabitants with sufficiency, although she being a promoter and custodian of a traditional repertoire that is being lost. Enchanted by her nobility and her passion for singing, I offered her to take part and sing in the Ville Invisible, interpreting the mithical figure of Notre Dame des Turcs.

The heroic lady accepted, and performed on the roof of the centre Fleg (a well enstablished jewish community centre) and at the window of the gigantic , recently squatted former EDF building named Golgotha (see map).

Notre Dame Track - VILLE INVISIBLE
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