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Of The Battle


The Battle symbolizes both the war between the right and the left sides of the Ville Invisible , the separation of which is well defined by the road Canibér born from the death of the monster Caniber, and the emerging of a past buried but never faded, by the return of the ancestors,.

It is the sudden explosion of madness that sovvert s the Order.

 The past is represented by Flying Wolves , the ancestors buried beneath the new altars dedicated to the God of Money ( Centre Comercial La Bourse ); this latter is identified with the Mirror - Men and their companions Krutasse (from the French croutasse= lazy woman ) .

The Ancestors fight with the feather (see chart # 1) , Men fight with mirrors ( swords ).

The Great Battle begins precisely when the fury of Notre dame des Turcs, suddenly rejuvenated, detonates the Golgot'ha along with the Brothers who had occupied .

The same applies to the Stables of Loupsifer: the Time Horses start running back and forward to find their master Loupsifer, hidden in the subterranean labyrinths beneath the Bourse.

(Le Centre Commercial is located next to the Ancient Vestige, the rests of the Old Phoenician City).

But the ancestors, disturbed during their sleep by all this madness and noise begin to re-emerge from their burial site.

Loupsifer, takes back his power and calls Heros, now Mirror -Men, to war.

The Battle between Wolves and Mirrors is violent and seems to never get to an end, as the Time Horses, become insane, force the events to repeat themself endlessly.

It will come to end only thanks to the intervention of Notre Dame who, with his unsustainable singing, makes the Earth shake, invoking the ancestors back to their undergrund world.

The Myth its finds conclusion with the Invisible Parade returning to Hamballah, the luminous God-Sky.

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