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La Chambre de Deu Neutrino

Deu Neutrino - Ville INVISIBLE
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The place: my studio in the Atelieres des Lorettes, on the left of the Laycidion.

Located in the Panier district, it corresponds to the area of the first Phoenician settlements ( "Les Anciennes Vestiges" the actual ancient ruins, swallowed by Le Centre Bourse, the main city's Commercial Centre).

"The Chamber of God Neutrino" is a hand crafted felted yurta, consisting in a sort of hut (Chambre) that was built by myself and became my shelter for the period of the residency. On the surface of the material I embroderied a pictographic mythology of the Ville Invisible.

The final result was visible during an open studio event

(1rst April 2004), date of "The Bataille", urban collective performance nailing the end of my residency, showcasing the totality of places, institutions, individual artists and collectives involved in the project.

For this occasion, I invited the artist NicolasTourne to create a work inspired by the myths of the "Instrumentum" and Deu Neutrino (See photos.)

The sound of reference of this installation is the singing of an african bird.

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