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THE CHAMBER of DEU NEUTRINO : My Hand Made Home: Art Residency at Les Atelier des Lorettes. Marseille.

Deu Neutrino is the name of the Black God (opposed to Mbahlah, the Sun God) , or "Colui-che-sta-in-Alto" ("The One Up There".)

In the Myth Mbahlah hurls tree trunks from Heaven onto Earth.

On the very point of their fall (see: Instrumentum), a crater is formed: This is the actual birthplace of Deu Neutrino, appearing to mankind

as "Black Ink-filled Hole in the Ground".

This Myth is related to: Writing and to the depths of Sea (La Maire). Deu Neutrino is also related to Singing, his temple being guarded by a bird. Its symbol marked the

shipping sails, to refrain its relation with the art of weaving, immediatly linked to the myth of Instrumentum.

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