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Les Ecuries de Loupsifer, Association L'Epicerie and Lilith


An intervention developed over 3 months time with the help of Association L'Epicerie .

The Association has in fact made available its premises in certain times of day, closing times to the public . In these moments a sound of horses was an amplified from inside to the road.

The mistery around this regular sound event was kept by the Owners, who never reveled the nature of the intervention to the public and adventors.

The Day of Battle (see La Bataille ), I transferred the sound at the headquarters of another association , Le Monstre Hang- Bhe', where the plaster beef-steaks use for the Performance were stored and delivered to the performers.

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The Myth of Les Ecuries and the Time Horses of is linked to the figure of Loupsifer , to that of Notre Dame des Turcs, and to La Bataille .

The stables of Loupsifer housed very precious and noble horses from the Far East , white coloured , only fed on milk .

One day an oracle reveals the Magician Loupsifer that among his horses was a very special one, gifted with immortality and allowed to those who ride him to travel back and forth in time; as the horses looked all the same, Loupsifer didn't ever noticed the One that Never Dies.

Loupsifer so decided to find the immortal horse knocking down his horses one by one.

This way he managed to find what he was looking for but he was condemned to forever to hearing the sound of the ones sacrificed.

These are called Le Memoires, (Memories).

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