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The Golgot'ha and Notre Dame des Turcs

In the mythology of V.I. the Golgot ' ha has nothing to do with the Gospels' montain, it is rather a sort of maze-mountain, located on the right side of Laycidion (old Dock).

The myth tells of how the Golgot'ha was the home of Loupsifer (See The Time Horses) , a magician hermit who lived in his cave, guarding secret source of all lights.

He was brother to Caniber, a montrous seven legged being that dominated the territory.

The myth says that when Notre Dame De Turcs , a wanderer singer coming from the East, arrived to La Ville Invisible, her voice killed the monster.

The body of the Caniber fell to the ground but its tall legs remained standing and became the Seven Hills . On each of this hill a hero was born. The seven heroes, "The Mirror-Men", left the City to go around the world in search of the Source of all lights, not knowing it was kept hidden by Loupsifer in the centre of the Montain Golgot'ha.

Notre dame des Turcs call them back and seeing them lost inside the Montain-maze, she helped further directing them to the place of Light Perpetua.

Once found what they were looking for the brothers began to celebrate without pause, forgetting to thank the Lady, who became so furious 'that her powerful singing blew the roof of the Golgot'ha off and the brothers found themselves expelled in a moment. .

The Fury of Our Lady widened the doors of the Time Stables and the Time horses began to run back and forward throughout Massilia (see La Bataille ) .

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