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Donnez moi une Beef-steak

Golgotha : it is in fact a squat, a property occupied just at my arrival in Marseilles. It is a five-storey building located on right -hand side of the historic harbour, the Old Laycidion.

The occupying Collective, a mix of artists, musicians and craftmen, fuelled my imagination in respect of the idea of a proper moment of fondation, that is: individuals become group through the creation of a place.

I was hosted by the Collective, transfigurated in my mythology in The Heroes,The Mirror-Men, and the Golgot'ha became the place for the Performance of Jannine Jannette (Notre Dame des Turcs) singing through the windows and on the roof of the huge building.

A further intervention was realised within the spaces of the Golgot'ha:

A hand crafted carpet of plaster beef-steaks ispired by the myth of La Bataille (se La Bataille), which then has been transported and installed at the entrance of the Centre Commercial La Bourse, during the final performance.

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