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The site chosen was on the right of the Harbour.

I carefully looked for tree that would accommodate the bells and found it in a parking lot located behind the Municipal Theater, called " de la Criée ."

The parking is embedded between the theater and an elevated area, which the ancient and mysterious Basilica S.Victor is located. A blue bridge, recently built but very pleasant, connects the lower part of the sopraelevata.

It inspired me to the invention of the monster Criée, born from the ashes of Krotalondendron during the Battle (see Bataille). At the center of the car-park I installed on the braches of the tree hand made metal bells , turning it into Krotalodendron for the whole period of my residence in Marseille, as i did in Athens during La Biennale des Jeunes Artistes d' Europe et du Mediterranee.

In Plato's Phaedro, Socrates tells the myth of the ancient people extincted for the sake of singing with no pause. These people sang to the death and the gods , moved to pity , turned them into what we know as crickets.

I created the identity of a "Singer Tree" for Biennale des Jeunes Artists d' Europe et du Mediterraneè in Athens on 2003.

This figure also finds place in the Mythology of the Ville Invisible:

The first name of V.I. is Massahlia . Massahlia's Birth-Foundation is depicted as a young woman embracing her lover , Friul.

The two lovers were separated by the intervention of La Maiire (the Sea), which introduced itself into the loving embrace, separating them once and for all.

During this separation two rivers were born , Or and Argent ( respectively to the left and to the right of what is now the port Laycidion ), instead of Friul's the arms (see map # 2) .

In the same moment also Missral , the wind was born.

Friul became what Now is the Island infront of Marseille.

The river Argent (Silver) later gave life to Krotalodendron tree whose silver fruits, thanks to the wind Missral, lead the voice of Massahlia to her lover now turned into an island in the midst of the sea.

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