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Marseille, Ville Invisible

an esperiment for a mithology of the present

There is an invisible  path for the spoken word to be followed, backwards.

One of its sources has always been a “sacred place”: the mouth.

Words springing from the rituals are dense, but what about the language of the every day life? Where is the place where this two worlds meet? 

An exceptional event is a sort of earthquake, wave that propagates, extending a surface, enriching the language of new words,  and reshaping communities by the “word of mouth”.

Exceptional because unattended, because it can leaves us “without words” for a second, before challenging us in creating new ones.

In 2004 I saw the city of Marseille lying in the shadow of the real one, a duality of visible and Invisible, in which everything is revealed in symbolic form, and that sometimes, shows up, makes herself heard.

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