M e l a B. + Y U

A new new videoclip:

Airplains Flying. Mo and the Princess 

link in the image

Also interviewed by Sheriff Awad in 

Mo and the princess of the Airport

A new new videoclip:

"The one you should fear"

Mo and the Princess 

With the support of

Associazione Gaetano Filangieri

and FateLab

link in the image


Nasce un nuovo progetto podcast: Poètica: alcuni poeti viventi. Con  I suoni di Allan, dedicato ad Edgar Allan Poe in collaborazione con POlis Caserta, il progetto e' ascoltabile su spreaker . Buon Ascolto!


News Quicksand by Federica De Stasio

In the occasion of a performance night at PunkTank club in Napoli, VJ and artist Federica De Stasio produced a video work in which my performance is included. Black Holes, orange color, a tribute to the great David Bowie and his relationship with W. Burroughs.


News Crema Caserta 

 Crema Caserta. (75', 2019) dir. Jonathan Gottesmann) Produced by Mela Boev  for HippieColor Italia. here is the trailer

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